Educational Possibilities
OnGrade Studio

A modern Re-introduction to Kiln-glass
o   An all-inclusive survey
o   Flexible scheduling
o   Days need not be consecutive

Dropout Vessels
o   Standard vessels
o   Ultra-thin vessels
o   Micro Dropouts

Vitrigraph Cane & Murrine
o   Nathan developed the original VC&M methods in 2009
o   Very deep topic!
Inside Out Flow Vessels
o   Another OnGrade Studio Original
o   As seen on Bullseye’s Flowed Away lesson
      Flow Wedges
o   Create freestanding sculptural wedge
o   Self-supporting sculpture, no stand needed.

     Murrine Wedges
o   Nathan will probably never teach this one outside of OnGrade Studio.
o   From rough cutting to fine polishing
o   Learn what tools are worth investing in
o   Power tools!
o   Open-faced molds
o   Glass boxes made of Vitrigraph murrine, frit + sheet
o  Lost Wax Kilncasting to reproduce found objects
      Cremain Memorials
o   Preserve what remains in glass forever
o   Please inquire privately
     Let it Flow
o   via Ramps
o   Radial Flow
Pressed Trays and other thin Drop Vessels
o   A refreshingly thin, delicate approach to kiln-glass

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